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Kinacu Platform


Kinacu derives from the Aymara indigenous language and it means "Treasure".
Kinacu is a technological product's trade name.
Kinacu is Ikarus' trademark.

Kinacu is a Transactional Platform which adapts to every business' rules on the need of handling transactions, processing data from a particular point, and sending that information to the service provider. Kinacu offers intelligence for the process and for the on-line or off-line interfaces carried out with different electronic devices and with the services provider companies.

The Kinacu system has a modular architecture, which allows it to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each client. In order to cope with this, the system is made up of interconnected but independent modules.

Among its, business features include:

• Business Logic: Every new business rule can be easily configured to withstand specific clients' needs. • Independence from the Terminal: Withstanding of multiple terminals, and messages' formats and functionalities.
• Off-line: It withstands off-line Pins or activation codes. • On-line: It withstands on-line communication and recharging transaction printing (Pins).
• Multiple Currencies: It withstands various kinds of currencies. • Communication protocols: It withstands protocols such as: TCP/IP, Frame Relay, X25, X28, SNA, ISDN, PSTN, GPRS, SMS, among others.
• Tolerance to faults: Use of raid solutions for communication ports' storage and automatic switching. • Conciliation: Simple and total conciliation between the Terminal and the Host.
• Transaction logs: Logging of different kinds of transactions such as mistakes, transactions, statements and communications. • Web Access for administration: Web-based access to the system's core, the retail chain, the clients and prepaid service companies.
• Safe transactions: Encryption and authentication for each transaction. • Scalable system: It withstands multiple servers and load balancing.

Kinacu Core

Balance module Balance
Vouchers module Vouchers
Financial module Financial
Comissions module Comissions
  • Kinacu Balance is the technological solution to carry out on-line sales of products and/or prepaid services. In this way, clients can top up their balances through the distribution of credit in an electronic way all throughout the sales structure.

    Our platform withstands the following prepaid services:
    • Transport cards.
    • Credit management of long-distance calling cards.
    • Internet browsing.
    • Prepaid medical care cards.
    • Prepaid credit cards.
    • Basic utilities such as water, electricity and gas.
    • Prepaid fuel provisioning.
    • Prepaid fixed telephony.

  • Kinacu Voucher offers its clients a different option to top up their prepaid balance.

    Kinaku Voucher allows the commercialization of products and prepaid services generating electronic pins with identical characteristics as the ones provided for physical cards.

    It represents a hybrid solution between the selling of balance both virtually (on-line) and physically. Kinaku Voucher can adapt to places in which communication costs are expensive or where there is no operating time available.

    This solution allows the generation of pins in a safe way, without running the risk of error making during the exchange of these pins between the providers of the service and the prepaid platform. In this way, the problems of time and cost of traditional cards' logistics are eliminated.

    The client selects among the available recharging amounts, the seller enters the data and the voucher is immediately printed with information about the operation, the unique sequence of digits (pin) which the client will add to his prepaid service balance, the amount of money topped up and, the logo of the intermediary company. The client gets a printed copy of the ticket.

    The transaction is conducted by means of the electronic sale point, making use of its POS devices network or being complemented with Kinacu Add-in using PC terminals as sales points.

    Kinacu Voucher allows the reutilization of technological resources and offers the client a printed medium for balance recharging.

  • Kinanu Financial is a product which optimizes the managing of flowing credit along the distribution chain.

    Kinanu Financial belongs to the Kinacu family, and it:
    - Complements the commercialization of prepaid products through the emission of banking operation records. - Allows the management of current accounts.
    - Stores and processes deposit notices.

    - Kinacu Financial will allow you to manage bank accounts.
    - Each agency will need to be associated to a current account.
    - Each current account can be overdrawn (negative balances).
    - Only administrators will be able to manipulate the credit limits of each of its dependent agencies' current accounts.
    - The flow of sold or returned products will be registered in the current account.

  • Kinacu Commissions is an independent and modular application to Kinacu Transactional Platform and third-party systems which allows planning, designing, executing and linking commission schemes in an easy and effective way.

    It allows clients to implement their commission schemes to the fullest extent of their sales structure (supervisors, leaders and sellers) successfully classifying these schemes regarding product or client. Even allows them to extract data from other systems, process it, and earn commissions for its application or for the replenishment of other systems.

    It allows to:
    • Plan, design and communicate the follow-up of commission schemes for sellers in an easy and effective way.
    • Design plans for Sales Commissions which fit specific businesses.
    • Plan the implementation of its designed commission scheme.
    • Compare different commission plans.
    • Prepare the monthly or annual record keeping of:
         • Sellers Commissions.
         • Products Commissions.
         • Zone Commissions.
         • Periodical comparative frameworks.
    • Sales variables, discounts, sales volume, margins and units by comparing the business' objectives with its results.


IKARUS is a holding company located in America, and its objective is consolidating and innovating in business and non-banking financial transactional services.

Under these concepts we can highlight: electronic recharge prepaid services such as mobile phones, sending and receiving SMS messaging, remittance, collecting, ticketing and others.

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Technology Base

We have the expertise of our professional team, supported by a solid foundation of well use knowledge and experience. Its wide range of expertise encompasses the combination of many business models and solutions applied to them.

Technology Expertise

We implement, among other things, Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions based on Microsoft.NET technology, Security Applications, Message Queuing, Oracle Databases, Sybase, SQL-Server, Postgress, MySql, and Bluethooth technologies, SMS, MMS, WAP and GPRS.

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