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Our Staff

Our staff, highly-qualified for the delivery of technological solutions to the international market work team, has been painstakingly selected taking into account the reliability and professionalism of its members.

We value and respect our people, interacting with our clients with integrity and encouraging them to engage with our work team so as to be successful.

Members of the Systems, Technology, and Quality sectors train themselves constantly in mastering different tools and technologies in order to provide our customers with the highest quality and innovative solutions.

Human Resources, Administration, Finance and Commercial are some of the areas that provide support for the operations carried out by the company. Their members have extensive expertise in the market and the clear goal of involving in the value chain of our clients so as to help them gain maximum benefits.

Functional Knowledge

Apart from the effort and compromise invested in the devYA elopment of effective solutions and projects, we have at our disposal the expertise of our group of professionals, based on well-founded and well-exploited knowledge and experience. Our professionals' broad knowledge comprehends a combination of a large number of business models and solutions applied to them such as:

• The development of added value products
and services such as promotion alarms, assessments and the recharging for platforms like PPAS, OPSC and ORYX.
• E-care applications
which allow our clients to involve directly in the distribution and services processes.
• Electronic payment and via Mobile POS.
• System and architecture design for Network Operation Centers.
• Customer Care Service (CCS), Billing Systems (BS)
as well as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and systems of Customer Relationship Management. (CRM).
• The design and development of provisioning modules
such as telephony platforms interface.
• POS solutions / Wireless POS
• Online transactions
via solutions which involve Magnetic Card and Smart Cards.
• Applications for mobile devices
installed via GPRS or WAP-push.
• M-Commerce (Mobile) applications
using smart phones and wireless handheld computers to issue orders and transact business via Web.
• Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions: B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer), A2A (Application to Application).
• Added value systems
for GSM technologies.
• Top-Up and Voucher recharging applications.

The company's expertise and acquired knowledge provide us with the necessary flexibility to come up with comprehensive solutions through a wide range of technological options, being able to implement Internet/Intranet/ Extranet solutions based on Microsoft.NET technology, Security Applications, Message Queuing, Oracle database, Sybase, SQL-Server, Postgress, MySql and Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, WAP and GPRS technologies.

Kinacu Core -

Balance Module Balance
Vouchers Module Vouchers
Financial Module Financial
Comissions Module Comissions
  • Kinacu Balance is the technological solution to carry out on-line sales of products and/or prepaid services. In this way, clients can top up their balances through the distribution of credit in an electronic way all throughout the sales structure.
  • Kinacu Voucher offers its clients a different option to top up their prepaid balance.Kinaku Voucher allows the commercialization of products and prepaid services generating electronic pins with identical characteristics as the ones provided for physical cards.

    Kinaku Voucher represents a hybrid solution between the selling of balance both virtually (on-line) and physically. Kinaku Voucher can adapt to places in which communication costs are expensive or where there is no operating time available.
  • Kinanu Financial is a product which optimizes the managing of flowing credit along the distribution chain. Kinanu Financial belongs to the Kinacu family, and it complements the commercialization of prepaid products through the emission of banking operation records; allows the management of current accounts; stores and processes deposit notices.
  • Kinacu Commissions is an independent and modular application to Kinacu Transactional Platform and third-party systems which allows planning, designing, executing and linking commission schemes in an easy and effective way.

    Kinacu Commissions allows clients to implement their commission schemes to the fullest extent of their sales structure (supervisors, leaders and sellers) successfully classifying these schemes regarding product or client. Even allows the client to extract data from other systems, process it, and earn commissions for its application or for the replenishment of other systems.

Kinacu Platform

Kinacu is a Transactional Platform which adapts to every business' rules on the need of handling transactions, processing data from a particular point, and sending that information to the service provider.

  • Business Logic
    Every new business rule can be easily configured to withstand specific clients' needs.
  • Scalable system
    It withstands multiple servers and load balancing.
  • Conciliation
    Simple and total conciliation between the Terminal and the Host.
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Technology Base

We have the expertise of our professional team, supported by a solid foundation of well use knowledge and experience. Its wide range of expertise encompasses the combination of many business models and solutions applied to them.

Technology Expertise

We implement, among other things, Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions based on Microsoft.NET technology, Security Applications, Message Queuing, Oracle Databases, Sybase, SQL-Server, Postgress, MySql, and Bluethooth technologies, SMS, MMS, WAP and GPRS.

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Tel. +54 351 7118888
Las Playas 2189 - Cordoba, Argentina

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