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Privacy terms

When browsing or making use of the services of, thanks to specialized technologies and without the user perceiving it, IKARUS srl. receives anonymous information such as the country or region of origin of the user, their computer's code, their browsing habits and consultation of and others.

This information is of a private nature and it will not be disseminated to other users under no commercial interest or other and it will be used to analyze tendencies and statistics, offer improvements in the web pages of IKARUS srl., facilitate the browsing or modify the offers of information and/or products, with the objective of providing an adequate and appropiate service.

The demographic generalities may be shared with the advertisers of, but not the characteristics that allow the identification of any user.

When registering, the user will be asked for his/her name and surname, type and number of identification card, date of birth, gender, city of residence, e-mail address, user name, access key and a question with its respective answer to confirm the password.

Those data, equally understood as been part of these terms of private matter, will neither be disseminated to third-party users under commercial interests except with the due and written authorization of the user. These data will be used as information medium of the registration to offer the services of IKARUS srl. online, adequately.

Thanks to the supplied e-mail address, IKARUS srl. will confirm the users' log in and will provide them with information about entertaining novelties of by subscription, with the exception that the ones interested clearly express their desire of not receiving these novelties by e-mail. For such end, the option of deactivating this service will be available in the e-mails sent by IKARUS srl.

Even if the required personal information varies, the same privacy terms will be applied to contests, inscriptions or any other interactive relationship that IKARUS srl. establishes with its Internet users o viewers. The user may update or correct the information provided. These privacy terms are applied to all information gathered by IKARUS srl. in its web sites or whatever information user provides through the same medium.

When browsing, registering and/or using any service offered by or by the web sites created or generated by IKARUS srl., it is understood that the user accepts and complies with the usage terms and the privacy terms hereby established.

Terms of USE is produced and belongs to IKARUS srl. Therefore, all information and products published or included in in any format and/or any of its domains are property of IKARUS srl. or of any of its associates or advertisers by means of contracts previously agreed or transfers adequately effected and they will not be used for other purpose than to personal novelties or entertainment of the user or for any reason IKARUS srl. has conceived them for.

The contents of shall not be disseminated by any means or non-provided format. If disseminated, these contents should be authorized and provided by IKARUS srl., except for a previously granted license for such end. IKARUS srl. forbids the use of logos or distinctive signs of its trademarks in other Internet sites without previously written authorization.

The user commits himself/herself to not utilizing the Internet sites of IKARUS srl. for commercial exploitation or using them for any illicit activity or any act which could harm IKARUS srl. in any possible way, its Web pages or any associate or advertiser. No IKARUS srl. websites' could be used for illegal activities. originates in Argentina and IKARUS srl. does not answer for the fomer if their contents are not in line with the regulations of other countries.

Inside and outside Argentina, it is recommended parental or adult guidance responsible for underage users, as long as the contents or applications are used outside the minor age frame of IKARUS srl. does not guarantee nor affirms the accuracy or suitability of the information provided by third-parties which is available on its Internet sites and it will not be held liable for the damages that may result from the direct or indirect use of the users. Likewise, IKARUS srl. is not responsible if the content of its advertisers or the places where the advertisements are directed to offer information that is not exact and truthful, as well as if the contents do not adjust to the current regulations or harm the users' interests.

Chats, forums, blogs and other interactive applications of are being constantly monitored and IKARUS srl. reserves the right to exclude interventions or users if necessary without having to justify or explain the reasons for such course of action.

IKARUS srl. reserves the right to modify its Web sites terms of use, which will be always informed in this same space.

Kinacu Platform

Kinacu is a Transactional Platform which adapts to every business' rules on the need of handling transactions, processing data from a particular point, and sending that information to the service provider.

  • Business Logic
    Every new business rule can be easily configured to withstand specific clients' needs.
  • Scalable system
    It withstands multiple servers and load balancing.
  • Conciliation
    Simple and total conciliation between the Terminal and the Host.
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Technology Base

We have the expertise of our professional team, supported by a solid foundation of well use knowledge and experience. Its wide range of expertise encompasses the combination of many business models and solutions applied to them.

Technology Expertise

We implement, among other things, Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions based on Microsoft.NET technology, Security Applications, Message Queuing, Oracle Databases, Sybase, SQL-Server, Postgress, MySql, and Bluethooth technologies, SMS, MMS, WAP and GPRS.

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